How to prevent mold in the home?

How to prevent mold

Mold and fungi need to grow in a home with organic materials to feed themselves. In houses, there is always a lot of organic materials where mold can live, such as wood, drywall, and other building materials.

Humidity, on the other hand, is practically easy to control and keep out of the interior of your home. The best way to prevent the growth of fungi is to control it under the house because it is the place where there is more moisture and where it expands faster.




Most fungi need 24-48 hours of moisture to start growing. Therefore, if a suitable material for the fungus in your house is wet for more than 24 hours, then there is a risk that the mold will start to grow. Click on this link mold removal Palm Desert.


There are a few main things that usually cause moisture problems in the home. One of them is water leaks. These include leaks in the ceiling or walls, leaking pipes, and faucets that leak or a leak in the shower.

If you know of some leaks in your home you should correct them without delay. It may be necessary to inspect your home to find any water leak you do not know.


Condensation is another frequent cause of moisture. Condensation occurs on cold surfaces when the water vapor in the air cools and becomes liquid. You will often see condensation on metal pipes, concrete walls, water tanks, and windows.

One way to reduce condensation is to keep the temperature warmer in the rooms. For example, by installing insulation. You can also isolate the surfaces themselves as you place coatings on metal pipes. You will also have less condensation if you keep the humidity low in your home.


Many species of fungi can start to grow out of moisture if only the moisture stays high for long enough. In fact, the humidity only has to be greater than 55% before some fungi begin to grow.

The best way to keep humidity low in your home is through ventilation. Opening the windows during the day, especially when it’s hot is very good since that’s when the humidity usually moves outside.

It is especially important to ventilate rooms where steam and humidity accumulate, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Air extractors help reduce humidity by doing things like cooking or washing dishes.

Air conditioners can also reduce the humidity of the house, as you can also use dehumidifiers in your home.


A common cause of moisture problems in homes is wet clothes. After washing clothes, it should be dried immediately. Do not leave in a wet pile for a long time. Be sure not to leave any wet clothes lying around waiting to be washed. Be sure to remove molds on clothing, if you have them.

It is better to dry clothes outdoors on a clothing string if possible. If they dry in a clothes dryer inside your house, then you should expel the air outside the house if possible. In either case make sure that the room in which you are drying your clothes is well ventilated.


Mold Removal

Once the mold has started to grow in your home, it is not enough to remove the source of moisture from the mold. Fungi that run out of moisture can remain dormant for a long time without dying. So, if you already have a mushroom presence in your home, you have to take steps to eradicate all the presence of mold and mildew in your home.



Mold grows and feeds on organic substances such as wood or cotton. Mold should not grow on surfaces such as plastic, metal or glass unless there is a layer of grease or some other organic substance that can be fed.

Some types of mushrooms are conditioned to existing materials in the home and these include: wood, carpets, food, paper, insulation, wallpaper, paint, wallpaper glue, plaster, fabrics, cotton, books, leather, chipboard, furniture, dust, roof tiles, inside air conditioning and almost any other organic material.

It should be cleaned regularly to reduce dirt and grime, where mold can live. Aspirate the dust often, ideally with a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum cleaner is filtered to remove dust and other substances where mold can grow. It has been found that 80% of mold grows in powder.


Mold spores are everywhere in the outside air. They float through buildings all the time and there is no practical way to eliminate all the fungal spores inside.

However, if the concentration of mold spores inside is significantly higher than outside, then it may begin to cause health problems. A greater amount of mold spores also increases the possibility of problems.

Mold spores enter homes through windows, doors, air ducts, etc. They can also be transported indoors attached to your skin, clothing, hair, pets, etc.

Although you can not eliminate all mold spores in the air inside your home or prevent all mold spores from occurring, minimizing the number of spores will prevent you from suffering mold-related health problems and decrease the possibility of mold spores. Mold begins to grow in your home.

To minimize mold spores clean the dust often. Also empty your home regularly, preferably with a HEPA filter vacuum to remove mold spores. HEPA air filters in your home also help eliminate mold spores from the air.


Mold loves dark interior spaces to grow. Allowing sunlight to enter will reduce the chances of mold growth so opening the curtains in the rooms during the day will cause natural light to enter.


Mold generally does not grow in cold environments. Warm and humid conditions are ideal for mold growth. Most mushrooms need a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) or more to grow.

Air conditioners to regulate the temperature of your home can help prevent the growth of mold.

Thinking about buying a motorhome? This is all you have to know

One of the best experiences that one can experience, although it may seem reserved for a few, is to enjoy driving your own motorhome. Nowadays, these types of vehicles are becoming more common, both because of their more accessible price and because of the growing interest in rural leisure, the contact with nature and the pleasure of being able to travel with your home on your back.

That is why the decision to go for a motorhome can be really complicated because there are a variety of types and sizes, price disparity, equipment, and regulations, we must take into account in our purchase plans before launching to the adventure, to avoid dislikes and, above all, frights in our budget.

This is all you have to know about buying a motorhome

Regulations and issues about vehicle and driving

The main difference to take into account between a motorhome and a caravan is that the first is a self-propelled motor vehicle whose interior is conditioned as housing, while the second is a trailer coupled to the main vehicle. In Spain, we are under Instruction 08: V-74 , for which it is allowed to stay overnight and make use of the facilities in non-specific areas of camping, as long as the parking limits are respected, and when the interior activity does not extend to the outside of the vehicle, either for acoustic or environmental reasons.

you have to know about buying a motorhome

Although many rural areas still do not welcome the entry of these vehicles, they are increasingly accepted in a more positive way because of their important influence on tourism. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a report for illegal camping and, even if it were complied with, the municipal ordinances of lower rank may exist in specific municipalities that may force you to throw in the towel and abandon the expedition. Although a kind and timely conversation with agents and neighbors save many future discussions.

In the case of safety, it is essential to have belts or restraint systems approved in both front seats and inside the passenger compartment, as only passengers can travel in such case. Being special vehicles of category M1, they are governed by the regulation of cars, although with certain exceptions: as long as the MMA (Maximum Authorized Mass) does not exceed 3,500 kg, it can be driven with the driver’s license B , otherwise it will be required C1 permission; the maximum speed on the highway is 100 km / h and on the highway 90 km / h; and the technical inspection must be carried out biennially after four years and annually after ten years.

Before starting the route, we must know that we can find vehicles-housing that go from vans adapted to be habitable, small trailers or mobile homes, to large trucks or pick-up vehicles, since they are considered all those that allow transporting objects and people inside of its closed and covered back, adapted to live. They have, logically, a larger size than the MPV, with the front shorter and the engine located under the front seats, in the driver’s compartment. The chassis is used to mount the habitable cell, either as an external adaptation or as an extension of the rear one.

The dimensions can vary depending on the length and height (values ranging from L1H1, less than 1.70 meters in height, to L4H3), so we have to pay attention especially when turning in tight corners, tunnels or level crossings. We have to be careful to open enough to avoid hitting the side, something that, unless we are bus drivers, we will not have experienced before. The length and height also influence when finding parking, since the L3 and L4 models will practically have it impossible in urban parking.

Important to travel by van

The general equipment of the vehicle has gas for cooking, air conditioning, electrical installations for lighting, refrigerator, television, furniture, and bathroom, among many other things. The waters derived from the sink, toilet, and shower are collected in a tank to be later purified in the concrete and marked areas of the service areas (gray and black water).

If we have auxiliary vehicles such as mopeds or bicycles, they should always be transported on duly approved platforms, as long as they do not protrude more than 10% of the length of the motorhome, and are correctly marked with the V-20 signal on the back and shape perpendicular to the vehicle. In relation to the indispensable instruments and tools to start the route, you can never miss a hose with its concrete adapter for all types of faucets; a box of screwdrivers, octopuses and straps and a set of Allen keys; cartridges for the recharge of gas; a first-aid kit in which we have antiallergics, gauze, and plaster, scissors, oxygenated water, insect repellent, sunscreen and pills for dizziness, among other things; Mobile chargers, power cords and portable lamps or flashlights are other important resources to carry around.

Types of motorhomes and which to choose

Types of motorhomes and which to choose

This is perhaps the most problematic issue since we must stop to decide the use that we are going to make of it, the number of people that are going to use it, and therefore the size, the price, the consumption, and a long etcetera. But here we can clarify some doubts.

  • Campers: consist of vans that have conditioned their interior (rear cargo) to live, preserving their original sheet metal body. They are the intermediate step towards the motorhomes and therefore something more economic and light because the habitable cabin is coupled to the commercial vehicle. They introduce elements of encamped on board, with thermal insulation and furniture, conserving the interior dimensions and design, which allows it to pass very unnoticed and discreet to other people’s eyes. Its conversion to vehicle-housing requires a series of bureaucratic steps such as ITV certification, an engineering project and a certified authorization from the manufacturer. The mythical Volkswagen Combi, from the golden age flower power, is a good example of it.
  • Nasturtiums: Its habitable cabin is an extension of the driving compartment, with side doors and trunk that allows more space in case of extended stays. It provides more stability, with capacity for seven people, ideal for families with children. It has a front protrusion above the driver’s cabin, like a garret, where space is used as a bed.
  • Profiled: they are class C and very interesting for beginners. The cabin is built on its own motor chassis, similar to the Capuchins, but in this case, it has a height and smaller space, suitable for two people. It is much more aerodynamic, with better performance and its size, has a lower consumption.
  • Integrals: luxurious and expensive, because they are high-end, like those used by official race drivers to stay during races. They are large trucks with a chassis of a single body in which the living cabin is conditioned with all kinds of advantages and comforts.
  • Motorhome or trailer store: it is a module of housing in a closed trailer that requires a car for its displacement. It is deployable, lightweight and maneuverable. In Spain, as long as its weight exceeds 750 kg, it must include the license plate of the car and the red license plate.
  • There are many other models that we can include in this list as the roof tents, which are installed on all-terrain vehicles; the extensible motorhomes, with deployable side modules; and the Toy Hauler, for the transport of motorcycles, quad bikes, jet skis, etc.

What if we go to the second-hand market?

Once we have decided on one model or another we must go to the market, where we will find new motorhomes from 35,000 euros to more than 100,000 euros. If you find a second -hand you can be around 25,000 euros, but you have to take into account the annual tax payment, insurance, ITV, maintenance, consumption, parking space if necessary

Analyzing the second-hand market we can find vehicles in good condition from 6,000 euros since below this limit we will find vans of more than 30 years, which try to imitate the camper and without any guarantee. From 7,000 and up to 12,000 euros we will find vintage models from the late 80’s, no more than six meters long and cappuccinos (Fiat Ducato) or profiled (Hyner), but without power steering, air conditioning and with little power and living space. There are a lot of important brands that provide motorhomes like Mercedes, Ford, Iveco, Volkswagen, Peugeot, and Fiat, among others.

But when it comes to contacting the seller it is essential to see the vehicle and not be guided by the first impressions, but to doubt and enter into electrical, mechanical and safety issues. We must also obtain as much information as possible about blows or accidents since a much damaged car is not stable and can cause us a heavy outlay in the future.

Regarding technical issues, we must check the engine in our workshop and know what type it is and how it sounds, to find out its useful life and actual mileage (it could be manipulated despite being penalized by law). Elements such as the belts of the distribution belts, clutch, brakes, steering, gaskets, and batteries suffer a natural wear that can lead to breakage, so we must attend to the noises, friction, and chirps during our driving test. On the other hand, tires and spare parts for motorhomes will not be cheap or easy to find if we have already bought some in poor condition. The wear of the camperizado it is normal, but for this reason it is necessary to pay attention to the state of the furniture and cabinets, the assembly of the bed, operation of electrical appliances, switchboard and heating, the installation of the gas, possible leaks in the kitchen, check the water pump, faucets, sink and drains, opening and closing of the lifting roof. Please visit here


Keys to choose the uniforms of the waiters

choose the uniforms of the waiters

Even if you are not aware of it, the first thing you notice when entering a restaurant is the cleaning of the premises.

waiters of restaurant This is real. But, of course, then you look at the decoration, the atmosphere, the attention of the staff, etc.

And precisely in the staff is where we are going to stop, more specifically in the uniforms of the waiters, since they are those who have direct dealings with customers and it is convenient to take care of this aspect to achieve a better service.

If a waiter is well groomed, neat, and with a good presence, the positive notes of the clientele will increase dramatically. Now, what kind of clothing is appropriate for a room staff?

Remember that success depends not only on the quality of the culinary elaborations but also on the image those projects to the clients. Take note of this article because we can help you achieve your purpose! Click here

 How to choose the uniforms of the waiters?

First of all, as mentioned above, cleanliness and neatness is the basis of any type of clothing, as wearing stains on uniforms is a bad sign for diners, but it is not the only thing to pay attention to.

If you are a catering business owner, be clear about this: avoid that your staff wear street shirts, propaganda or have a stained uniform, this will cause only rejection by the customers of your restaurant.

Of course, the waiter should be comfortable with the uniform, because if he is not 100% comfortable, he will not be able to serve the client as he deserves, so the garments must be comfortable for a correct mobility of the staff. This will help them avoid situations of stress and to develop their work in a positive way and always showing the best of their smiles.

And the colors?

clothes  of the waitersThe suit must be chosen depending on the restaurant, but you already know that black or dark tones hide dirt better than clear ones, as well as giving the place a lot more elegance. However, if you have a much more casual establishment, light colors will be more convenient.

Of course, even if your place is much more casual the waiters always have to be identified, that is, they do not have to wear a dress to go completely unnoticed, as this will disorient your audience.

A good option is to follow the colors of the logo of your restaurant, branding is essential to attract customers and do not forget the name of your place with ease. That is, marking personality with the uniforms of your waiters is also a point in your favor.

Do not forget that each restaurant is a world and its requirements vary, but the common bond is obvious: neatness and attention.

How to repair leaks? – Leak Detection

Leak detection


One of the most distressing problems for a home or business owner can be facing a water leak. Plumbing problems usually occur in the drain pipe or drain, or close to groundwater.

 repair leaks

It can also happen to any person and any type of structure. You cannot always know what type of leak you have, you may notice some unusual problems but you will not realize that you have a serious problem until it happens. Some of the signs that there may be a leak are:

  • Hotspot on the ground
  • Sound of running water when accessories such as WC are not being used
  • Water from somewhere on the ground
  • Water from a point under the wall
  • Hot water from a cold water tap
  • Water heater that does not turn off

Leakage of water under a slab occurs when a water pipe has failed under a foundation slab. They can be caused by incompatible soil that contains one thing that causes a negative chemical change once it comes into contact with copper pipes (this is termed electrolysis). Please visit this link.

It can happen at any time, even years after installation. Unfortunately, this is the most common cause of water leakage under the slab and requires a total replacement of all copper water pipes.

Another cause is when the pipe is exposed and comes into contact with unprotected lines such as rebar pipes, electrical conduits or heating ducts. Friction causes the pipe to wear out and leaks appear. Another cause of a leak under the slab is a bend line or in other words, which has been accidentally damaged by a particular worker or another contractor. The indentation or bleeding disappears over time and causes a leak.

There are many methods of detecting water leaks, from electronic methods to using sewer chambers or hammering the area and doing a visual check, etc with electronic leak detection, the pipes must be disconnected and pressurized with nitrogen that emits a sound Sharp that is heard through high-power headphones. The highest point of sound in decibels is typically the source of the leak. This is a very effective way to detect leaks.

Obviously, the detection of leaks of pipes of any kind, it is necessary to repair them and replace the pipes. If you suspect that you may have a leak in your home or business, call a plumber immediately before it is too late.

How to find a water leak and where to look

If you suspect that you have a water leak, you do not need to call someone immediately. Often, you can find a leak in your own home without having to call a professional. The following is a list of places to look in your home before calling a plumber. Leaks can represent 20% or more of your water bill. Conserve water and save money by regularly checking for leaks in your home.

Water leakage in the kitchen? Search in:

  • Dishwasher: Check for leaks under the sink where the water supply hose is connected. Look around the bottom of the dishwasher to see if there is evidence of water leaks, such as discolored floor or cabinet, or soft water damaged.
  • Refrigerator: If your refrigerator or freezer incorporates an ice machine, make sure that the hose connection is properly connected to the water supply line.
  • Sink: Replace worn putty or silicone around sinks and check that pipes and fittings under the sink do not leak. A slow drain pipe may indicate a partially blocked leak that needs cleaning.

Water leakage in the bathroom? Search in:

  • Showers and bathtubs: Remove and replace old, worn or cracked putty and grout. Water can seep through damaged joints, causing spots or soft areas around nearby walls and floors.
  • Sinks: Check under the sink for leaks in water supply lines or drains.
  • Toilets: Traffic jams can be caused by too much toilet paper or objects such as deodorants that hang from the toilet bowl. In addition, some cleaning products such as chlorine tablets can corrode the internal plastic or rubber parts, causing a leak. Leaks can also occur at the base of the toilet, where a wax ring seals the toilet to the sewer pipe.

Water leaks in the basement, laundry room or storage room? Search in:

  • Washer: Check hoses regularly to check for cracks, wear and leaks around the ends of the hose. Replace the hose if you encounter a problem or every three to five years as part of a proactive maintenance program. To help ensure that the hose does not twist, leave at least 10 cm between the water connection and the back of the washer. If you can not find the water leak, keep in mind that the washing machine can only lose water if it has been running recently.
  • Water heater: Most water heaters last between eight and 15 years. Moisture spots on the ground or in an oxidized tank can signal a leak.

Leak Detective – Ultrasonic Air and Water Leak Detector System


Boxing Shoes

While boxing gloves are the most important component in this sport, the boxing shoes of your choice will influence your speed and agility in the ring. Boxing shoes are essential if you plan to box frequently, as they provide greater support than regular running shoes. Everyone has different personal needs as to what their feet demand, so be sure to make a good choice.

Boxing Shoes



Visit a sporting goods house that specifically sells boxing shoes. Wrestling shoes can be confused with boxing shoes, but have a slightly superior traction in the sole and other differences in size, materials, and height. Although it could be a minor difference for a beginner, if you are an experienced boxer or professional, you will need boxing shoes.


The most important thing when buying boxing shoes is a comfort, that the footwear of your choice does not damage your feet.

If you have wider feet, look for shoes that are of a broader shape, or stretch easily. They also have to contain the proper filling and not be too stiff.

While your shoes are on, stand on your toes and bounce several times. Check anything that could pose a problem, such as misaligned tags or uncomfortable arches. Even a little nuisance can become a big problem in the ring.


Look for the lightest shoe possible. Boxing shoes should be a help, not an obstacle in the ring. Most boxing shoes are breathable suede and leather, with a rubber sole that allows you to get a good grip on the canvas while you move around the ring.


The boxing shoes should be checked at their points of support and shock absorption elements. This is a very important part of your security control. Look for a half sole that acts as a shock absorber. This prevents the joints from suffering as well as adding more comfort. Some of the best footwear will have support elements located in the arch, which provide more cushioning while reducing slippage.


The shape of your feet also affects the type of shoes you need. To know what kind of foot you have, analyze your footprint. You can do it by looking at your old shoes or putting your foot in the water and then stepping on a cardboard or cardboard. If you see the complete footprint, you probably have a flat foot or a fairly low arch, and you need support throughout the sole. If you see only the outside of the foot, you have a high arch. That means you need more padding to protect the outside of your feet. And if you see the footprint half full, you have a normal or neutral bow, neither too high nor too low, and you need a shoe that combines support and padding.


Be sure to find boxing shoes that have good ventilation for your feet. They usually come in the form of small mesh windows that surround each shoe and allow your feet to breathe properly during a workout or fight session. If you have your shoes wet after the session, this indicates that the feet are choked and do not have adequate cooling. The sweat will make the shoes heavier and that can decrease the resistance of the boxer.


Boxing shoes are generally offered in three different heights, high ankle (boot), medium height, or low tops. You should analyze each type to see which one fits your needs. Take into account your boxing style when you choose the most appropriate boxing shoes for you.

Low shoes do not provide much support to the knee like boot shoes, but they can help the feet and knees to move faster. If you are a fast boxer, choose low shoes.

If you do spinning maneuvers or fights in reverse, wear boot shoes that support your knees and blackheads (anterior part of the leg cuff) as you rotate and move your legs.


Make sure that the traction of the shoes is enough. You need the shoes to have rubber soles and a non-slip pattern on them.

These shoes combine traction with maneuverability since non-slip rubber soles allow pivoting without jamming to the canvas and adequate support at the time of unloading the blow.


Although there are many brands, you should not be limited to the coolest or elegant when choosing a pair, sometimes the most expensive does not necessarily provide better advantages to your feet. You can choose a very good product, that suits well to your needs, at an average price.

However, keep in mind that durability often becomes a problem if for cost reasons you opt for something cheaper. If you wear your shoes every day or several days a week during high-intensity training, you may want to wait until you can afford to buy a pair of high quality. Comfortable feet mean fast feet and better movements.

Is heavy drinking harmful to the body?

heavy drinking

Is heavy drinking harmful to the body?

Drink too much harm to the body.

In addition to the immediate effects of excess alcohol consumption once caused (commonly known as drunk), the constantly repeated heavy drinking can cause a variety of serious long-term diseases, the impact of the various organs of the human body we drink The summary appendix is as follows.


The small amount of alcohol can make people conscious exciting, alertness, concentration, but the actual results show that is not the case, a small amount of alcohol, a sedative, a higher intake of alcohol on memory, attention, judgment, municipalities are functional and emotional responses Serious injury. Too much drinking can cause lip service, blurry vision, and loss of balance.


long-term heavy drinking, several families will inevitably lead to cirrhosis, liver illness no longer be addressed nutrition from the digestive tract, can no longer handle the body’s intake of drugs, a lot of the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver, and is diffused These symptoms include edema (fluid tumescent, bloating), stomach jaundice (yellowing of the skin and white eyes ).


Alcohol is a vasodilator, can make the body surface blood vessels to dilate, which in addition to making you look beyond the red blush, but also make your body tissue too much heat, which can cause your whole body in cold weather cold ( hypothermia).


Heavy drinking will occur cardiomyopathy, cardiomyopathy is heart muscle becomes weakened and damaged.


A lot of drinking will make you appear acute gastritis symptoms, and continuous high intake of alcohol can lead to more serious chronic gastritis.

Reproductive organs

Alcohol can cause impotence in men, and even pregnant women, even small amounts of alcohol, can increase the risk of physical defects in unborn babies.

How much alcohol is considered excessive?

This question should be: for you, how much alcohol to drink is considered too much? The effect of alcohol on body and mind is determined by its concentration in the blood. Alcohol enters the blood via the digestive system, stays in the blood until it is decomposed by the liver, or excreted in the urine. The drop in blood alcohol levels is fairly stable. No matter under what circumstances and no matter how long it takes you will be affected, as long as alcohol reaches a peak in your blood, it takes alcohol away from your body about the time it leaves with those affected by alcohol slower than you fast person is the same. However, the rate of increase in blood alcohol concentration varies with circumstances. Therefore, if you want to prevent excessive levels of alcohol in the blood, you should think of the following when drinking.

Larger people of larger size have more blood than those of smaller ones. Alcohol levels rise slowly in the larger body of people when the alcohol level is the same, and their total concentration is lower.

Drinking alcohol in the stomach and intestines can slow the rate of alcohol inhalation into the bloodstream. If you eat at the same time while drinking alcohol (or “priming” your food before engaging in social gatherings), you can temporarily slow down the rate of alcohol absorption. Of course, you also consume more calories.

The type of alcohol and the speed of drinking You drink more slowly, the less influence the alcohol. If you drink whiskey, a lot of alcohol will make the blood alcohol concentration increased, and increased faster than drinking beer is much faster. If you swallow a whiskey, its alcohol is quickly absorbed by your body system. If you drink a glass of beer slowly, the alcohol in the beer may have dissipated as you finish the glass of beer. Please Check out on this link wine palm desert

The degree of physical endurance Drinking regularly will allow you to gradually “adapt” to the situation of blood containing large amounts of alcohol, the brain will be “used to” all day immersed in alcohol. As a result, if you have been drinking heavily over the years, you may, on the outside, drink properly and behave in the same way. However, if you drink less than you, he will definitely show up Drunkenness. Appearance is not reliable. Alcoholics may speak very neat and well, but their ability to drive will still be compromised, while the brain and body will continue to be harmed.

The unfortunate consequence of increased tolerance is that you have to maintain the concentration of alcohol in the blood. And, you will gradually need more alcohol to make you get the effect of alcohol consumption. Some people are due to this dependence and gradually deteriorated into alcoholics (alcohol addiction).

One more thing to keep in mind is that the amount of alcohol in the blood accumulates over time.

Eat food while eating, even eating dim sum when you are in a social gathering. You can slow down the rate of absorption of alcohol, so that the amount of blood in the alcohol slowly increased, making it peak when compared to fasting alcohol is low.

The best care is to stop drinking alcohol.


Parents Fault

Parents Fault: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Who’s to blame? No one! In my opinion, what you’re up against has a problem that has a life of its own. It takes over and can steal your son or daughter away from you while you are sleeping. You hardly notice it and, when you do, it’s often disguised as something else. It’s not the result of poor parenting. If your child has alcoholism, it is the result of a family disease that is largely attributable to genetics. It has very little to do with the environment or “shaping” of the child by anyone. It has to do with the inability to process alcohol and possibly any mood-altering chemical normally. Plese visit this link

In all other areas, your child may be normal or even exceptional, thereby deceiving you into thinking that he or she is too smart to continue this forever. Well, it matters not if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or not happy, good looking or not, intelligent or not – this problem does not discriminate. It will prey on any class of people. It’s not the result of poor parenting.

Teens from very functional homes have alcoholism. George Vailliant (1981) looked at personality profiles of alcoholics before they drank and found them to be somewhat “normal.” Family therapists have noticed for decades that when they are working with the family and this problem comes up, there are usually alcoholic family members on at least one side of the family. This suggests that the problem “runs” in the family, is genetic. Many functional people have the problem. You know this yourself from the media reports. Not all of them can be wrong!

This is not a disgrace. Yet it is still being treated thusly. Don’t be one of the misinformed or uninformed that still judges alcoholism as the result of laziness of immorality. There are treatment centers just for the clergy. There are treatment centers for professionals. There are twelve step meetings just for M.D.s and lawyers and so on. These are not a lazy, stupid, depraved or immoral class of people. The disease does not discriminate.

Once you are educated, it is easier to let go of the guilt. In my thirty-six years as a therapist, I have not met many parents who did not feel guilty. However, it is not logical to feel guilty. Have you really done wrong? Did you give them the ability to tolerate incredible quantities of alcohol? Did you take away their motivation? Did you make sure they would develop character flaws such as lying, cheating or stealing? No! You did not. They did not plan this either.

In my practice, I often come upon families with this problem and always ask the parents if they feel like they have lost their child. Invariably, the answer is yes. When we trace the onset of alcohol abuse, we usually find that the child changed in behavior and personality about this time. This is significant. This begins the dysfunctional separation and alienation of the teen from the family, which usually leads the family to alienate the teen out of desperation and feelings of powerlessness. As parents, we must not succumb to this. With the proper direction and action as a team, healing and redirection are possible. It takes family work.

So go ahead! Feel guilty if you must. However, you don’t have to. If you do, take some action that will get rid of the guilt. Then let it go. Move on to treatment. Get help from a qualified, licensed professional. Take your child to AA. Go to AL-Anon yourself and drag your spouse there also. Do not be embarrassed. It’s not the result of poor parenting.

Lastly, don’t sabotage treatment. Get help instead of continuing to do this by yourself. Find out how a teenager can take the steps to sobriety and follow the model thoroughly and consistently over time. The disease has a life of its own and wants to cripple you just as it wants to cripple the alcoholic. It’s out to destroy. Don’t let it. Get help and heal!

The Woodward House adds fine dining and the luxury of a cheese course to the mix.

The Woodward House

The Woodward House

Litchfield County used to be dairy farm country and still has the rolling green landscape and the occasional long stretch of feed corn going for it, although you are almost as likely now to see a former secretary of state or Oscar-winning actress as you are a Holstein in some towns these days, as the area has increasingly become a second-house market for our betters (OK, not a Holstein, but a Brown Swiss? Forget it.)

Bethlehem, just north of Waterbury and the gateway into farm country, has, however, managed to hang on to its rural, cow-town character. It has a flashing red stop light in the center of town, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a breakfast joint, a pizza place and a monastery, and that’s about it. And now it has Woodward House, an elegant and inviting new restaurants palm springs on the town green.

The house originates in 1740–which makes it one of the town’s foundation buildings and used to be called Bird Tavern, though in recent years it served as a rental house.

But you get the sense, frankly, that the house is happy to have been restored to its original purpose to be a place of hospitality. Certainly, it glows now with warmth. You’ll notice as you go in how thoughtfully designed it is. The walls in one dining room are a cheery, late-sunset red, in another, the room is gold, in another yellow. The moldings are crisp white. The glassware is elegant (heavy bottomed, serious cocktail glasses, tall, Reidel-quality wine glasses ) and sparkles, the carpets are thick, lovely and appropriate. The table linen is white and well ironed. I don’t know about you, but for Lisa and me, these kinds of things go a long way. You know you are in good hands when care has been taken to get the details right.

As an amuse-guile, as I had my nose in a lovely, austere glass of Medoc, our waiter brought to us a smoked salmon mousse on a slip of waffled potato, delicious. We took some time with the menu. There is a foie gras crème brulée with pearl-onion jam on the “starters” menu that I will be returning for. I’d bet the shrimp and Maryland crab cakes with mango and pineapple salsa are pretty amazing too, but I started instead with the five onion soup with cilantro cream, while Lisa had a summer salad with strawberries, mangos, walnuts, and brie in a sherry vinaigrette.

Lisa’s salad was very nice, very balanced. My soup was deeply satisfying, like French onion soup but with more softness and character, the cilantro cream rounding the edges. I was particularly won over by the bowl, a white rectangular, terrine-shaped thing on a saucer.

I was torn. Part of me wanted to move next to the lobster summer stew, with fennel and tomato, but I have this foie gras thing, and I saw there was roasted duck breast with foie gras and sweet mashed potatoes in an apple cider sauce. It was very good. Lisa had a filet of beef tenderloin with a mint and Bing cherry demi glace, served with horseradish mashed potatoes. I kept hoping she wouldn’t finish it so I could, but it had been a long day and she wolfed it down.

And what a joy to find a restaurant with a cheese option on the dessert menu. I had that, with a glass of port, while Lisa had the lemon curd tart with blueberries. “Very lemony,” she said approvingly. “These things are almost always too sweet.”

We had a cappuccino, and our waiter came by and told us that the chef makes fresh truffles every day, and left two on our table.

So this was all very good. The service was extremely professional as well. If you do plan to spend a day in the countryside, you would do well to end it with a dinner here. If it is a date or a kind of date you’ll have impressed her or him, trust me. It just has something great about it that will make you feel that life is good.

Food With a Funny Bone

Funny Bone

Food With a Funny Bone

American classics with a twist that’s the theme at The Elbow Room in West Hartford. The logo on the menu shows a picture-book house whose sides are a little askew and sort of rhomboid, the idea being perhaps that the comfort foods of home are what you’ll find, if a little off kilter. That was the sense that Lisa and I had when we stopped into the bustling Restaurants Rancho Mirage. That’s pretty much what we found too. The Elbow Room does a better job of not messing up the old familiar favorites than many other places tinkering with the Classic American style. In fact, the secret seems to be to pretend like you are fiddling with Betty Crocker and Fanny Farmer’s turf but to simply serve good solid American favorites. No, you don’t need to throw any chipotle in my mac and cheese, but thanks. That’s not to say that The Elbow Room toes the no-nonsense line completely — the chefs break out the goat cheese and the balsamic vinegar glaze when the spirit moves them. But The Elbow Room sticks to the pleasing regularity of the meat-and-potatoes meal.

Straightaway, Lisa and I ordered the fried oysters, and arugula salad and a pair of Stella Artois on draft. A roasted beet and goat cheese salad also looked nice. While we drank our drafts, I noticed that I felt a draft. But if our seats were a tad nippy, the atmosphere was warm. The medium light inside The Elbow Room is inviting. Inside there are tilted mirrors hanging off the walls, providing infinite reflections for people-watching, and lopsided shapes give character to the little nooks. Model helicopters and airplanes hang from the ceiling in the larger area toward the front. For two-person dining, there are a series of small stalls along one wall, with thin partitions adding a sense of privacy but reducing the sense of space.

Our oysters were served with a stainless steel ramekin of mild remoulade sauce. There were five fried oysters and a faux-folksy folded wax paper bag. The oysters were fried with an expert’s touch an outer crispness giving way to a little substance, then to the almost nonexistent resilience of the oyster. The oysters were served beside a small mixed green salad tossed with a lemony dressing.

With the arugula salad, our waiter was kind enough to split the whole onto two plates, each still pretty big. The salad was basically arugula, walnuts, and a warmed cheese dressing that the menu called a “goat cheese fondue.” It was simple and good. The nutty flavor of the arugula was well matched with the robust goat cheese.

We were debating the merits of trying steak gorgonzola cheese and pears, or a grilled striped sea bass on a scallion and potato pancake, among other things, but, in the context, we decided to exercise a little restraint. Lisa ordered “TV dinner” with meat loaf, and I chose the cornmeal encrusted roasted chicken.

Lisa’s dinner was more like an elegant Japanese bento box than a dinky tin foil tray. The TV dinner came served on a handsome lacquer platter, with separate little partitions for each item. There was a slab of meat loaf, a drop biscuit flecked with cheese, a moist cube of dark gingerbread topped with real whipped cream, some sauteed green beans, and mashed potatoes. This was a full meal. Some in the make-it-new camp get carried away with meat loaf, doctoring it up with roasted peppers and pine nuts, but the meat loaf at The Elbow Room didn’t flaunt its components. It was firm and short on filler, with a hint of what tasted like sage. Read more 

The chicken was steaming hot, right out of the roasting pan. Two golden boned breasts, leaned against each other on top of a base of mashed potatoes, with a layer of peas and red peppers between. The chicken was tender, with the cornmeal crust adding an earthy flavor, and the mashed potatoes were creamy but not without substance. This too was a significant portion.

Restaurant Food and Drink Recipes

Restaurant Food and Drink Recipes

The cuisine is now one of the much-loved hobbies of many people that are to try different cuisines from different countries with their respective characteristics. In London, there are many restaurants serving various cuisines from different countries. There are many unique flavors and spices that are different from each cuisine. Not only the unique flavor and taste, but the process of cooking and way of presenting the cuisine of each country are usually different. Certainly, there are many best restaurant Rancho mirage foods and drink recipes that serve a variety of foods from different countries.

The tourists who want to travel to London, surely not only enjoy the beauty and variety of attractions in the city of London but also try different foods from different countries in London. There are many top restaurants in London with a variety of dishes typical of each country, such as Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Pakistani food, Indian traditional foods, and do not miss the European food. To find a variety of locations top restaurants in London, everyone can search through the internet. Usually, over the internet, there are many reviews about the top restaurants in London, which can be visited either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of course, everyone has different tastes, so many top restaurants in London that serve a variety of cuisines from different countries. There are many top restaurants in London that serves a variety of dishes for a special dinner, whether with family, friends or that special someone, while enjoying the beauty of London at night. Surely it would be very exciting to enjoy every moment by enjoying food, good breakfast, lunch, or dinner at various top restaurants in London.

Top US Restaurants London

For Indian food lovers, there are many restaurant foods and drink recipes offering and presents a variety of typical Indian food. Meals are not just being a typical Indian food, but now many people are starting to like the variety of Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is usually characterized by the use of spices in every cuisine. A full meal many people in India who served in various restaurant food and drink recipes, such as tandoori lamb, curry or biryani, and many others. Indian dishes are served has a lot of appeal to many people, with the use of spices, the fragrance is unique, so many top restaurants in London serving Indian cuisine can be easily found.

European Restaurants London

European food has been famous around the world, ranging from steak, spaghetti, until dessert, so many restaurants around the country serve a variety of European cuisine. A lot of European cuisines served in a variety of top restaurants in London, not only just in restaurants but many cafes that serve a variety of European foods. For tourists or business people who want to find a variety of top restaurants in London serving European food certainly is not difficult. Each of the top restaurants in London that serve European cuisine has a difference in taste and presentation, so it’s good when searching for various reviews over the internet to be able to enjoy a variety of European top restaurants in London. Through the reviews on the internet are usually given a variety of information on top restaurants in London that provide discounts and affordable prices, thus providing benefits, can enjoy the cuisine in Europe top restaurants in London with low prices.

Chinese Restaurants London

Top restaurants in London not only provides a variety of European cuisine, India but also provides a variety of Chinese cuisine. Usually, many top restaurants in London that serve Chinese cuisine can be found in China Town. Chinese cuisine is very famous around the world, with a dish of noodles, pork, and vegetables combined with a variety of traditional Chinese herbs, thereby adding to the pleasure of eating Chinese cuisine. But many top restaurants in London that serve Chinese cuisine that not only can be found at the Chinese Town, such as in hotels, and others. Chinese cuisine is one of the dishes are presented with interesting, not only serving the cuisine, but also how to cook it into one exciting entertainment to be seen, such as making noodles by hand, and others. To find the top restaurants in London that serves Chinese cuisine can be easily obtained, by visiting China town or searching through the internet. Chinese Top restaurants in London to give the dish a different and special for everyone who wants to enjoy the uniqueness of Chinese cuisine.