Keys to choose the uniforms of the waiters

choose the uniforms of the waiters

Even if you are not aware of it, the first thing you notice when entering a restaurant is the cleaning of the premises.

waiters of restaurant This is real. But, of course, then you look at the decoration, the atmosphere, the attention of the staff, etc.

And precisely in the staff is where we are going to stop, more specifically in the uniforms of the waiters, since they are those who have direct dealings with customers and it is convenient to take care of this aspect to achieve a better service.

If a waiter is well groomed, neat, and with a good presence, the positive notes of the clientele will increase dramatically. Now, what kind of clothing is appropriate for a room staff?

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 How to choose the uniforms of the waiters?

First of all, as mentioned above, cleanliness and neatness is the basis of any type of clothing, as wearing stains on uniforms is a bad sign for diners, but it is not the only thing to pay attention to.

If you are a catering business owner, be clear about this: avoid that your staff wear street shirts, propaganda or have a stained uniform, this will cause only rejection by the customers of your restaurant.

Of course, the waiter should be comfortable with the uniform, because if he is not 100% comfortable, he will not be able to serve the client as he deserves, so the garments must be comfortable for a correct mobility of the staff. This will help them avoid situations of stress and to develop their work in a positive way and always showing the best of their smiles.

And the colors?

clothes  of the waitersThe suit must be chosen depending on the restaurant, but you already know that black or dark tones hide dirt better than clear ones, as well as giving the place a lot more elegance. However, if you have a much more casual establishment, light colors will be more convenient.

Of course, even if your place is much more casual the waiters always have to be identified, that is, they do not have to wear a dress to go completely unnoticed, as this will disorient your audience.

A good option is to follow the colors of the logo of your restaurant, branding is essential to attract customers and do not forget the name of your place with ease. That is, marking personality with the uniforms of your waiters is also a point in your favor.

Do not forget that each restaurant is a world and its requirements vary, but the common bond is obvious: neatness and attention.

How to repair leaks? – Leak Detection

Leak detection


One of the most distressing problems for a home or business owner can be facing a water leak. Plumbing problems usually occur in the drain pipe or drain, or close to groundwater.

 repair leaks

It can also happen to any person and any type of structure. You cannot always know what type of leak you have, you may notice some unusual problems but you will not realize that you have a serious problem until it happens. Some of the signs that there may be a leak are:

  • Hotspot on the ground
  • Sound of running water when accessories such as WC are not being used
  • Water from somewhere on the ground
  • Water from a point under the wall
  • Hot water from a cold water tap
  • Water heater that does not turn off

Leakage of water under a slab occurs when a water pipe has failed under a foundation slab. They can be caused by incompatible soil that contains one thing that causes a negative chemical change once it comes into contact with copper pipes (this is termed electrolysis). Please visit this link.

It can happen at any time, even years after installation. Unfortunately, this is the most common cause of water leakage under the slab and requires a total replacement of all copper water pipes.

Another cause is when the pipe is exposed and comes into contact with unprotected lines such as rebar pipes, electrical conduits or heating ducts. Friction causes the pipe to wear out and leaks appear. Another cause of a leak under the slab is a bend line or in other words, which has been accidentally damaged by a particular worker or another contractor. The indentation or bleeding disappears over time and causes a leak.

There are many methods of detecting water leaks, from electronic methods to using sewer chambers or hammering the area and doing a visual check, etc with electronic leak detection, the pipes must be disconnected and pressurized with nitrogen that emits a sound Sharp that is heard through high-power headphones. The highest point of sound in decibels is typically the source of the leak. This is a very effective way to detect leaks.

Obviously, the detection of leaks of pipes of any kind, it is necessary to repair them and replace the pipes. If you suspect that you may have a leak in your home or business, call a plumber immediately before it is too late.

How to find a water leak and where to look

If you suspect that you have a water leak, you do not need to call someone immediately. Often, you can find a leak in your own home without having to call a professional. The following is a list of places to look in your home before calling a plumber. Leaks can represent 20% or more of your water bill. Conserve water and save money by regularly checking for leaks in your home.

Water leakage in the kitchen? Search in:

  • Dishwasher: Check for leaks under the sink where the water supply hose is connected. Look around the bottom of the dishwasher to see if there is evidence of water leaks, such as discolored floor or cabinet, or soft water damaged.
  • Refrigerator: If your refrigerator or freezer incorporates an ice machine, make sure that the hose connection is properly connected to the water supply line.
  • Sink: Replace worn putty or silicone around sinks and check that pipes and fittings under the sink do not leak. A slow drain pipe may indicate a partially blocked leak that needs cleaning.

Water leakage in the bathroom? Search in:

  • Showers and bathtubs: Remove and replace old, worn or cracked putty and grout. Water can seep through damaged joints, causing spots or soft areas around nearby walls and floors.
  • Sinks: Check under the sink for leaks in water supply lines or drains.
  • Toilets: Traffic jams can be caused by too much toilet paper or objects such as deodorants that hang from the toilet bowl. In addition, some cleaning products such as chlorine tablets can corrode the internal plastic or rubber parts, causing a leak. Leaks can also occur at the base of the toilet, where a wax ring seals the toilet to the sewer pipe.

Water leaks in the basement, laundry room or storage room? Search in:

  • Washer: Check hoses regularly to check for cracks, wear and leaks around the ends of the hose. Replace the hose if you encounter a problem or every three to five years as part of a proactive maintenance program. To help ensure that the hose does not twist, leave at least 10 cm between the water connection and the back of the washer. If you can not find the water leak, keep in mind that the washing machine can only lose water if it has been running recently.
  • Water heater: Most water heaters last between eight and 15 years. Moisture spots on the ground or in an oxidized tank can signal a leak.

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