Boxing Shoes

While boxing gloves are the most important component in this sport, the boxing shoes of your choice will influence your speed and agility in the ring. Boxing shoes are essential if you plan to box frequently, as they provide greater support than regular running shoes. Everyone has different personal needs as to what their feet demand, so be sure to make a good choice.

Boxing Shoes



Visit a sporting goods house that specifically sells boxing shoes. Wrestling shoes can be confused with boxing shoes, but have a slightly superior traction in the sole and other differences in size, materials, and height. Although it could be a minor difference for a beginner, if you are an experienced boxer or professional, you will need boxing shoes.


The most important thing when buying boxing shoes is a comfort, that the footwear of your choice does not damage your feet.

If you have wider feet, look for shoes that are of a broader shape, or stretch easily. They also have to contain the proper filling and not be too stiff.

While your shoes are on, stand on your toes and bounce several times. Check anything that could pose a problem, such as misaligned tags or uncomfortable arches. Even a little nuisance can become a big problem in the ring.


Look for the lightest shoe possible. Boxing shoes should be a help, not an obstacle in the ring. Most boxing shoes are breathable suede and leather, with a rubber sole that allows you to get a good grip on the canvas while you move around the ring.


The boxing shoes should be checked at their points of support and shock absorption elements. This is a very important part of your security control. Look for a half sole that acts as a shock absorber. This prevents the joints from suffering as well as adding more comfort. Some of the best footwear will have support elements located in the arch, which provide more cushioning while reducing slippage.


The shape of your feet also affects the type of shoes you need. To know what kind of foot you have, analyze your footprint. You can do it by looking at your old shoes or putting your foot in the water and then stepping on a cardboard or cardboard. If you see the complete footprint, you probably have a flat foot or a fairly low arch, and you need support throughout the sole. If you see only the outside of the foot, you have a high arch. That means you need more padding to protect the outside of your feet. And if you see the footprint half full, you have a normal or neutral bow, neither too high nor too low, and you need a shoe that combines support and padding.


Be sure to find boxing shoes that have good ventilation for your feet. They usually come in the form of small mesh windows that surround each shoe and allow your feet to breathe properly during a workout or fight session. If you have your shoes wet after the session, this indicates that the feet are choked and do not have adequate cooling. The sweat will make the shoes heavier and that can decrease the resistance of the boxer.


Boxing shoes are generally offered in three different heights, high ankle (boot), medium height, or low tops. You should analyze each type to see which one fits your needs. Take into account your boxing style when you choose the most appropriate boxing shoes for you.

Low shoes do not provide much support to the knee like boot shoes, but they can help the feet and knees to move faster. If you are a fast boxer, choose low shoes.

If you do spinning maneuvers or fights in reverse, wear boot shoes that support your knees and blackheads (anterior part of the leg cuff) as you rotate and move your legs.


Make sure that the traction of the shoes is enough. You need the shoes to have rubber soles and a non-slip pattern on them.

These shoes combine traction with maneuverability since non-slip rubber soles allow pivoting without jamming to the canvas and adequate support at the time of unloading the blow.


Although there are many brands, you should not be limited to the coolest or elegant when choosing a pair, sometimes the most expensive does not necessarily provide better advantages to your feet. You can choose a very good product, that suits well to your needs, at an average price.

However, keep in mind that durability often becomes a problem if for cost reasons you opt for something cheaper. If you wear your shoes every day or several days a week during high-intensity training, you may want to wait until you can afford to buy a pair of high quality. Comfortable feet mean fast feet and better movements.

Is heavy drinking harmful to the body?

heavy drinking

Is heavy drinking harmful to the body?

Drink too much harm to the body.

In addition to the immediate effects of excess alcohol consumption once caused (commonly known as drunk), the constantly repeated heavy drinking can cause a variety of serious long-term diseases, the impact of the various organs of the human body we drink The summary appendix is as follows.


The small amount of alcohol can make people conscious exciting, alertness, concentration, but the actual results show that is not the case, a small amount of alcohol, a sedative, a higher intake of alcohol on memory, attention, judgment, municipalities are functional and emotional responses Serious injury. Too much drinking can cause lip service, blurry vision, and loss of balance.


long-term heavy drinking, several families will inevitably lead to cirrhosis, liver illness no longer be addressed nutrition from the digestive tract, can no longer handle the body’s intake of drugs, a lot of the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver, and is diffused These symptoms include edema (fluid tumescent, bloating), stomach jaundice (yellowing of the skin and white eyes ).


Alcohol is a vasodilator, can make the body surface blood vessels to dilate, which in addition to making you look beyond the red blush, but also make your body tissue too much heat, which can cause your whole body in cold weather cold ( hypothermia).


Heavy drinking will occur cardiomyopathy, cardiomyopathy is heart muscle becomes weakened and damaged.


A lot of drinking will make you appear acute gastritis symptoms, and continuous high intake of alcohol can lead to more serious chronic gastritis.

Reproductive organs

Alcohol can cause impotence in men, and even pregnant women, even small amounts of alcohol, can increase the risk of physical defects in unborn babies.

How much alcohol is considered excessive?

This question should be: for you, how much alcohol to drink is considered too much? The effect of alcohol on body and mind is determined by its concentration in the blood. Alcohol enters the blood via the digestive system, stays in the blood until it is decomposed by the liver, or excreted in the urine. The drop in blood alcohol levels is fairly stable. No matter under what circumstances and no matter how long it takes you will be affected, as long as alcohol reaches a peak in your blood, it takes alcohol away from your body about the time it leaves with those affected by alcohol slower than you fast person is the same. However, the rate of increase in blood alcohol concentration varies with circumstances. Therefore, if you want to prevent excessive levels of alcohol in the blood, you should think of the following when drinking.

Larger people of larger size have more blood than those of smaller ones. Alcohol levels rise slowly in the larger body of people when the alcohol level is the same, and their total concentration is lower.

Drinking alcohol in the stomach and intestines can slow the rate of alcohol inhalation into the bloodstream. If you eat at the same time while drinking alcohol (or “priming” your food before engaging in social gatherings), you can temporarily slow down the rate of alcohol absorption. Of course, you also consume more calories.

The type of alcohol and the speed of drinking You drink more slowly, the less influence the alcohol. If you drink whiskey, a lot of alcohol will make the blood alcohol concentration increased, and increased faster than drinking beer is much faster. If you swallow a whiskey, its alcohol is quickly absorbed by your body system. If you drink a glass of beer slowly, the alcohol in the beer may have dissipated as you finish the glass of beer. Please Check out on this link wine palm desert

The degree of physical endurance Drinking regularly will allow you to gradually “adapt” to the situation of blood containing large amounts of alcohol, the brain will be “used to” all day immersed in alcohol. As a result, if you have been drinking heavily over the years, you may, on the outside, drink properly and behave in the same way. However, if you drink less than you, he will definitely show up Drunkenness. Appearance is not reliable. Alcoholics may speak very neat and well, but their ability to drive will still be compromised, while the brain and body will continue to be harmed.

The unfortunate consequence of increased tolerance is that you have to maintain the concentration of alcohol in the blood. And, you will gradually need more alcohol to make you get the effect of alcohol consumption. Some people are due to this dependence and gradually deteriorated into alcoholics (alcohol addiction).

One more thing to keep in mind is that the amount of alcohol in the blood accumulates over time.

Eat food while eating, even eating dim sum when you are in a social gathering. You can slow down the rate of absorption of alcohol, so that the amount of blood in the alcohol slowly increased, making it peak when compared to fasting alcohol is low.

The best care is to stop drinking alcohol.