What is health?

MY-LIFE-MY-HEALTHfind Out what is said on this occasion, the world health organization (who). “Health — it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.  I think this wording is outdated. Judge for yourself, there are many cases when a person feels fine and all of a sudden “unexpected” the doctor said to him: “You know, and you have cancer.  Thus, we would emphasize that good health is not a measure of health. So we armed immunological perspective on health, we must have the courage to correct the who.

Health — it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being amid heightened immunity.

now let’s find out what affects health. Some representatives of preventive medicine believe that human health is affected by the following four reasons:

1. Ecology 20%

2. Heredity 20%

3. Medicine 10%

4. Lifestyle 50%

As you can see, dear reader, unhealthy lifestyle eats half health. Time lifestyle affects health, talk about it with special attention. First, find out what ’components of health”and what “components” lifestyle.

Seven components of health:

1. Correct (traditional) spiritual orientation;

2. The absence of harmful habits; .

3. Proper nutrition;

4. Sufficient physical activity;

5. Good psychological climate in the family and at work;

6. Careful attention to their health;

7. Sexual behavior aimed at creating a family.

Seven components of the disease:

1. False (usually “exotic”) spiritual orientation;

2. Smoking, excessive wine-drinking, drug addiction. The abuse of drugs, especially antibiotics;

3. Poor diet poor in quantity and quality, artificial food, “food stalls», the food is not in season).

4. Lack of exercise or, on the contrary, overload athletic gymnastics or physical work.

5. Stress and the inability to resist them.

6. Careless attitude to their health (unwillingness to monitor their own health, mismanaged health treatments).

7. Wrong or immoral sexual behavior.